17) The Wall of Shame

Throughout my search for adapters, I (unfortunately) purchased a good number of so-called “adapters” via eBay, private parties, etc. Each one of these were sold to me and advertised as an honest to goodness 45 record adapter. Well unfortunately, all is not always as it appears. Based on the diameter of the “adapter” or the size of the center hole, I was able to confirm that I was sold something that clearly wasn’t an adapter at all. Most of these I still have not fully identified what they are, but they’re definitely not adapters. So this is officially my Wall of Shame…the ones that faked me out.


This gets the honor of being the first one that I received that wasn’t an actual adapter. I honestly have no idea what this is, but as you can tell by the picture, the center hole is too small. It looks like it’s a part of a toy or something…but definitely not an adapter.

yellowuk row 1


This was originally sold to me as a record adapter. Once I received it, it was clear it wasn’t since it’s too large and very thin. Thanks to Guido, I was finally able to identify what this item is. The bad news, nope, it isn’t an adapter (so much for my once in a lifetime rare find). It turns out that this is actually the end piece of a Columbia cylinder phonograph. It was placed at the end of the mandrel. Well, at least now we know.


This was also sold as a 45 record adapter. It was even pictured next to a record. As soon as I received it, I knew that I had just purchased another item for the Wall of Shame. I’m guessing that this is another cylinder end cap. I can’t confirm that, but the smaller size of the hole is consistent with them. Darn!


This one I truly thought was an adapter. But after receiving it, it became clear that the hole was too small. Maybe it was an adapter of a toy or something, but I’m not sure. All I know for certainty is that it isn’t a “normal” record adapter.


When I first purchased this, I figured that it was some novelty adapter. After receiving it, it was clear that it was much too large to be an adapter. After talking to a lot of people, we’re thinking that this is a toy piece of a saw blade. It may have been some toy workshop or something…but again…not an adapter.