08) Vintage Turntable Adapters – Others

In this section, I’ll be showing turntable adapters that likely did not come as part of a turntable or record player. These are adapters, both vintage and modern, that are sold as accessory parts only.


This is a Nagaoka adapter. The company is based out of Nagaoka, Japan and from what I’ve been able to research, specializes in turntable cartridges. I don’t know if this adapter came with a turntable or if it was a stand-alone or after market adapter, but I’ll include it in this section for now since I’ve never seen any turntables carrying the Nagaoka name. It has the words Pick Adapter and Nagoaka on it. I find this adapter interesting and slightly unique in that it’s more than just an adapter that the record fits over. The bottom of the adapter is wider than the 45 opening (1 1/2″) so once you place the 45 on top of the adapter, you can actually pick up the record just by grabbing the adapter. It’s an easy way to remover the record from the turntable without actually touching the record. Nice.

tt Nagaoka row 1


I believe that this is a good example of an “after market” style turntable adapter. This did not come as part of any turntable set, but rather an adapter that could be purchased separately and was manufactured to fit most, if not all, turntables.

turntable adapter row 1


At one point, I had purchased a collection of misc adapters. This one was in the group. I asked about this one and the person indicated that it was a vintage adapter. I honestly can’t even confirm this is a record adapter or not, but I can see where it “could” be one, but I’m just not sure. So, until I confirm one way or the other, I put it here. Any help on this thing would really be appreciated.

uk adapter row 1


I don’t think that this turntable adapter came with any specific turntable. From other similar adapters that I’ve seen, this appears to have been manufactured sometime in the 1950’s.

red 50s row 1


This is a Beco turntable adapter. I really don’t have anything on this company that ties it to this specific adapter. Like the Nagaoka adapter shown above, this one also allows you to pick up the record just by grabbing the adapter since the bottom of the adapter is wider than the 45 opening.

beco row 1


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