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Ever since the Black Crowes “tried” to convince Tom Hutchinson (the inventor of the “drive pins” which prevented stacked 45’s from spinning when stacked on each other) in 1995 to produce a special adapter to throw out to fans at concerts, adapters and vinyl seem to have made a bit of a comeback. The modern adapters seem to be normally used for promotional purposes, although there are some still produced just for the sake of people needing adapters. Here are some samples of modern type adapters that are artist or band related.


This is an adapter from the musical group, The Replacements. This 2016 limited edition release came with the box set promo pack for the record, The Sire Years.

replacements row 1


This is the adapter that came with the 2014 box set of the remastered 7″ vinyl singles collection from The Turtles. There are eight 45’s in this set which includes their top 16 hits.

turtles row 1


These next three adapters are not quite so typical in their shape. These came from the Glassjaw Coloring Book 7″ vinyl record. This is the full 3 piece set that was released in 2010 and included the white, black and clear vinyl adapters.





Archers of Loaf is an indie rock band originally formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They were formed in 1991 and were broke up between 1998 and 2011. This adapter came with the Harnessed in Slums 45 single in 1995.

archers row 1


This is an adapter that came with the Pink Floyd “The Wall Singles Collection” of 45 records. This collection was a numbered, Record Store Day limited edition boxed set that was released in 2011 and limited to 7,500 copies.

Pink Floyd adapter row 1


This is a 2010 Record Store Day release from John Lennon called “John Lennon Singles Bag”. This was also a limited edition and individually number set that was limited to only 7000 copies total.

John Lennon row 1


Continuing with the Music theme, this is another Record Store Day release, this time being Ringo Starr from the Beatles (as if you needed me to tell you that). This limited edition boxed set was released in 2013 and contained three 7″ records and a fold out poster.

Ringo row 1


This was an adapter from the 2014 Silversun Pickups “The Singles Collection” on Limited Edition 6 x 7″ Vinyl Box Set.

silversun pickups row 1


Less Than Jake is an American ska punk band from Florida. In 1998 they released a limited edition box set called Hello Rockview which contained seven 7″ vinyl 45 records and this adapter.

ltj row 1


It could be argued that this is the adapter that kick started the resurgence of vinyl records. The Black Crowes came up with the idea of customizing record adapters with their name on them so that they could be thrown out to fans during concerts (similar to throwing out guitar picks). At the time, vinyl seemed to have gone the way of the 8-track tapes, nothing but a note in history. After meeting some resistance from manufacturers who insisted that it would not be cost effective, they managed to have them made. Since that time, vinyl (and even those odd shaped adapters) has become quite popular with collectors and many Indie artists.

The Black Crowes row 1


This adapter came with the Slim Dunlap double LP Record Store Day release titled The New Old Me / Times Like This. Slim Dunlap was the former guitarist of The Replacements. Tragically, Slim suffered a severe stroke in February of 2012 that has left him partially paralyzed, unable to swallow and very frail. He will require around the clock care for the rest of his life. All proceeds from the sales of this record package go to the Slim Dunlap Fund to help with his medical expenses. This is the adapter that came with this set (which also included a poster and a pick).

songs from slim row 1


Shinedown is a hard rock American rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve read that this adapter was originally handed out at concerts, but I have not verified this as of yet. Shinedown is explosive and mysterious always bringing an element of surprise and passion to every project they are a part of. As front man Brent Smith said “I never want anyone to know what we’re going to do musically. I want them to be shocked. I want them to think, ‘They did it again. They surprised me.’ We like that. We like to challenge our audience”.

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