Well overdue updates

Hi all! Well, I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last updates. I’ve literally got piles of items that I need to photograph and get posted to this site. I’ve already thrown a few adapter updates out there and hope to keep them going. Keep your eyes peeled for some interesting things!

Things are backing up!

I’ve really got to find a way to balance work and play. I haven’t posted much lately, but things have still been turning on my end. I’ve got SO MANY things to post online. I’m working on the images as I type this and hope to get some new things for you to check out.

Thanks to those who have been writing me. It’s people like you that make this a fun site to play with.

….back to the images……….


Still chugging along….

If you’ve been following my site, you’ll see that I’ve made a few changes. I’ve split the Modern Insertable Adapters into two categories. One has adapters that are directly linked to an artist or group and then I’ve added an “Other” category. Some of these pages are getting fairly long so I thought it best to split it up a bit, plus throw in a touch of organization!

The 3D page is starting to expand. I’ve got quite a few waiting patiently for me to photograph and get posted, but finding time to do it all is not always an easy thing to work into my day. I’ve also taken the History of Audio Formats section WAAAAY further than I ever planned on doing. I’m now constantly looking for formats that I’m not aware of (and then trying to find actual parts to photograph) because I know there’s more out there. This has actually turned out to be a section of this site that I’m quite proud of, plus I’ve learned a lot in the meantime.

I’ve been thinking of adding a section that shows some cartoons with record or music themes. The more I search for things, the more I’m coming across fun old comics that addressed music nicely. I’m still deciding on those though.


Making a few changes

I’m thinking that I’m going to change up my Recoton and Duotone adapter images. Instead of having all the different color variations, I think that I’m just going to show the front and backs of each style. There will be less adapters, but it won’t be as overwhelming as it would be if I finish entering everything.

I also want to thank everyone for their emails. You’ll see some of your suggestions have made their way to the site. I’ve recently added quite a few items to the History of Audio Formats section as well as a good number in the Modern Turntable Adapters and Modern 3D Printed Adapters sections. As we move along closer to spring, I should be able to find some more time to get more things posted. I’ve got a pile of things sitting here that I still have to photograph, mask and post. Stay tuned!


Moving forward again

Ok, so now that the holidays have passed and work has slowed down a bit, I’ll be posting more items on the site. I have a room full of items that I need to photograph, mask and post on the site. I’m looking forward to showing you some of the fun things I’ve collected over the last few months. Hang in there, I’m working on it! Bob

“All About The Records” section completed

It took some time, but I finally finished the All About The Records page. It took a lot of time to get it all together, but I think it turned out pretty much like I was hoping it would. I also added a couple video’s as well on the “Record Effects” section which show some interesting things that I found. I still have quite a few adapters to add to the site, but trying to add some of the misc items first. I’m getting there, albeit slowly.


Slowly making progress here!

Since my last post, I’ve been able to add quite a few new things to the site. I’ve still got a long way to go (as I’m sitting here looking at the pile of adapters I haven’t photographed, masked or posted yet), but there’s definitely been progress made. I never realized how much work it was going to take to get this site where I wanted it to be. I’ve got a couple interesting items to add to the “Adapters – The Rare and Unusual” category. Looking forward to doing a bit more research on them and getting them up for you to see. I’m also hoping to add more to the “Record Types” shortly. I do want to say one more thing. It’s really been great getting to know some of you who also collect these somewhat hard to find things. I know it takes a lot of time and searching to find something new or exciting, but it’s always good to know that I’m not the only one trying to hunt these down. I’m not always the quickest in responding to your comments, but please don’t take it personally. It usually means that work is getting in the way of my play time. Talk soon!

Working on New Page…

While doing a lot of my adapter research, I realized that there are more record formats than I ever imagined. I’ve always just thought about the 45’s, 33’s and an occasional 78. Well, I missed a lot. Shortly, I’ll be setting up a page that will show all the different formats and show photo’s of each as well as size and speed comparisons. Stay tuned.

…and yes, I’m STILL working on photographing, masking and posting all my adapters. Will eventually get through them all.

Status of Photo Uploads

Just a quick update as to my progress. I’ve still got a lot of images to post, but I have come a long way since I first started this thing. I’ve got a lot of the Duotone style adapters to go, especially since there are so many variations to that adapter. I’ve really enjoyed adding to the Everything Else page and have many more interesting items yet to post. Give me a bit more time and I should have a lot more posted.

I also want to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who has written me. You guys have had so many good things to say, plus you caught a couple of my mistakes, which I also really appreciate.

Happy collecting!


History Posted

I did manage to find enough time to at least get my first draft of the record adapter history posted. I even managed to now add all the images. I’m confident that this history section is a work in progress, so if any of you have feedback, etc., please let me know. Forgive my writing style. I’m not what one would consider a good writer. I just tried to write like I would explain to someone. Hope it’s tolerable! 😉 I would like to make this section as accurate and thorough as possible without it turning into a complete boring read with information overload.