11) Adapter Packaging

On this page I’ll do my best to show some of the packaging that the adapters came in. I’m not going to go into any detail on the actual adapters since I do that on the other adapter pages. No need to rehash everything here. With that said, here is some of the packaging that I’ve been able to come up with so far.

packaging row 1
packaging 2

Rivert 1 row 1

snatcher row 1b

music master row 1

Pickwick package row 1

tone king packaging row 1


Pfanstiehl yellow row 1




crosley row 1




cc45 row 1


duotone adapters package row 1


Lebo 1 row 1


Lebo 1 row 2


lebo single row 1


audition row 1


abc packaging row 1


tmc row 1


snapit packaging


Audition packaging row 1


leboinc row 1


HE Row 1


45 stack row 1


Pfanseiehl package row 1


third man row 1


recotontri row 1




sa-7   row 1




rs row 1


dkuotone package


datak row 1


gce row 1


spinners 2c row 1


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