Still chugging along….

If you’ve been following my site, you’ll see that I’ve made a few changes. I’ve split the Modern Insertable Adapters into two categories. One has adapters that are directly linked to an artist or group and then I’ve added an “Other” category. Some of these pages are getting fairly long so I thought it best to split it up a bit, plus throw in a touch of organization!

The 3D page is starting to expand. I’ve got quite a few waiting patiently for me to photograph and get posted, but finding time to do it all is not always an easy thing to work into my day. I’ve also taken the History of Audio Formats section WAAAAY further than I ever planned on doing. I’m now constantly looking for formats that I’m not aware of (and then trying to find actual parts to photograph) because I know there’s more out there. This has actually turned out to be a section of this site that I’m quite proud of, plus I’ve learned a lot in the meantime.

I’ve been thinking of adding a section that shows some cartoons with record or music themes. The more I search for things, the more I’m coming across fun old comics that addressed music nicely. I’m still deciding on those though.



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