05) Modern Turntable Adapters

It seems that on newer record collections or even Record Day releases, when it states that there is an included record adapter, they are often not referring to the snap in style adapters but instead the turntable types. In this section, I’ll try to document some of the more recent releases of this style adapter.

This record adapter is from the Marilyn Monroe Box Of Diamonds numbered and Limited Edition colored vinyl set. This boxed set comes with six 7″ pink vinyl records.

Marilyn row 1

I should probably give you a little background before I show you these next few sets of adapters since they are all somewhat connected. Third Man Records is an independent record label that was founded by Jack White who was the lead singer of the White Stripes. The White Stripes were an American rock duo that was formed in 1997 and consisted of husband and wife, Jack and Meg White. Jack founded Third Man Records in 2001 and has been a leader in the vinyl movement (Thank you Jack!). Third Man Records was responsible for using the slogan “Your Turntable’s Not Dead,” and also pressed vinyl records. Several turntable adapters have been released by Jack White, Third Man Records and The White Stripes.

This first set is a limited edition set of three adapters that was issued by group The White Stripes. In 2010, Third Man Records released a large box set which included a turntable, headphones, record boxes, a record brush, a 7″ record, and of course…45 adapters. They released 2 different sets; a Third Man set (black and yellow) and a White Stripes set (red, black and white colors). This White Stripes set sold out immediately as they were limited to just 333 copies.

White Stripes row 1

These are the popular yellow and black adapters that were released by Third Man Records showing their logo.

3rd man records row 1

This is another one from Third Man Records, this time begin a black classic cut-out plastic adapter with their logo.

3rd man row 1

This was the record adapter released by Jack White to accompany his 2014 Lazaretto album.

This adapter is similar to the last one, but it came with the Boarding House Reach TMR release.

I am not aware if this adapter was tied to any TMR release or if it was just a general adapter available for sale.

This is an wonderful limited edition adapter that came with Third Man Records Vault Release #27 and is no longer available for sale. It’s the 2016 Challenge Coin which, as you can see, also serves as a record adapter. Really happy to have this in my collection.

tmr row 1

This is the TMR 2017 version of the Challenge Coin/Record Adapter.

This is the TMR 2018 version of the Challenge Coin/Record Adapter.


This adapter is from the 2017 Record Store Day release of Rush’s single, Closer to The Heart. The release was on a thick black vinyl pressing, limited to 5000 copies, and came with this custom 7″ adapter. This was timed for release with the 40th anniversary box set re-issue of A Farewell to Kings.


This adapter came from the 2010 Interpol self titled OLE-945 record. What’s interesting about this adapter is that is was “not” for a 7″ 45 record. Instead it was for a 12″ 33 1/3 record with a large center. The large 1 1/2″ hole is something you would normally only see on the USA 45 records.

inter pol row 1


Sub Pop is a record label founded in 1986 and is located in Seattle, WA. Sub Pop achieved fame in the late 1980s for first signing Nirvana, Soundgarden and other “grunge” bands from the Seattle alternative rock scene. I like to refer to them as the label that seems to really like adapters since they have a nice variety of colorful ones. The reason for “Loser” on some of the adapters is that Sub Pop is famous for its blunt letter to aspiring artists informing them that they would not be taken on by the label. The letter opens with “Dear Loser”.

sp row 1
sp row 2
sp row 3
sub pop row 4
sub pop row 5
sub pop row 6


Goner Records is an independent record label and store that was started in 1993 and is based in Memphis, TN. They specialize in punk and garage rock bands and also host an event called Goner Fest, an annual Memphis music festival.

goner row 1


The Budrows are truly a fun band that describe themselves as 100% Foot Stompin’ Cigar Box Rock n’ Roll. I agree! They released several 45 records with three different adapters. It took some work, but I was finally able to get all three of them. Thanks to the Budrows for working with me on getting these! I’m thrilled to have all three here.

bud 1


This is an adapter from Bob Marley’s 2013 “The Best Of The Upsetter Singles 1970-1972” super deluxe box set. The set contains seven original 7” 45 rpm singles produced by Bob Marley & The Wailers with Lee “Scratch” Perry. It also includes a 7” x 7” full color booklet detailing the history of each song plus this special custom vinyl adapter.

mar row 1


Located in a former roadside speakeasy on US Route 50 heading west into the city of Cincinnati, Fifty West Brewing Company first opened its doors in November of 2012. Since then, one thing has remained the same. Every time you have a Fifty West beer, you know it was handmade in small batches with a focus on the four virtues we hold closest to our hearts: craftsmanship, tradition, innovation, and patience. This adapter references Fifty Fest which takes place every September. Luke, thanks for taking the time to dig up an adapter. Nice to see some good beer represented here. Cheers!

fifty west row 1


This adapter is from Juno Records. They launched in 1996 and are based in London. They label themselves as the world’s largest dance music store. They have built a reputation as the most comprehensive source for new and back catalogue dance music. This adapter is a Juno exclusive and used by DJ Spinna.

mukatsuku row 1


As mentioned, the previous adapter was a Juno Records exclusive and was manufactured by Mukatsuki Records. Mukatsuku Records is a singles only vinyl record label since 2006. They specialize in DJ friendly merchandise like these 45 adapters, and have created hundreds of designs in a variety of wood, plastics, rubber and metals.


Josey Records is a Texas company that specializes in all things music, including records, CDs, DVDs and printed media as well as curated art from the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

josey row 1


This is one that took a while to get my hands on, but definitely one that I HAD to have. This is an adapter from the group the 45 Adapters. They are based out of Brooklyn. The describe themselves as five friends who dress well and drink heavily. They describe their music as a truck full of Cock Sparrer records crashing into a truck full of Otis Redding records. Let that one sink in for a while…..

45adapters row 1


This is an adapter from Contra Records. They describe themselves as a mail order, label and screen printing factory. They are located in Germany.

contra row 1


This adapter is from the Lee Hazelwood 2012 Record Store Day limited edition 45 box set titled You Turned My Head Around. Only 3000 of these collections were released which covers songs from 1967 to 1970. The adapter is labeled LHI which is the record label that was formed by Lee Hazelwood himself. LHI stands for Lee Hazelwood Industries. The label lasted until 1971. Lee Hazelwood died of cancer in 2007.

lhi row 1


These are record adapters from Greenway Records. They are an independent record label based out of Long Beach, NY and New York City that focuses on small run, limited releases.


This adapter is from The Mylene Sheath. They are an independent record label based in Athens, GA, and are owned and operated by Joel Proper and Lindsay Palmer. They state that they are not only in this to release defining records by incredible bands and individuals, but to also hopefully create a sense of unity and family between them and the rest of the music lovers. Gotta love their mission!

mylenesheath row 1


This is an adapter from Chicago-based Wilco’s own record label which launched in 2011 in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Wilco’s 2009 album Wilco (The Album) hit number four on the charts the first week it was out, according to Rolling Stone’s online biography of Wilco.

dbpm row 1


This is a clear acrylic adapter from Phonic Designs. They have numerous shapes and designs available, and this is one example of what they produce.

phonic row 1


This set of four adapters are put out by the Numero Group who is an archival record label founded in Chicago, IL in 2003. These adapters are customized with replica logos from Soul Kitchen, Bandit, Deep City as well as their own Numero logo.

numero row 1
numero row 2


I guess it’s time for some food….well, maybe not quite. This Middle Ate “slider” is actually a handmade turntable adapter. Now I’ve seen it all….

slider row 1


This is one cool adapter! It’s made by MapleXO who creates these by using recycled skateboards. Trust me when I say that these are heavy duty. They have a weight on the inside so there’s nothing flimsy about these. Very nice!

skateboard row 1


Here are a couple of adapters with a Jolly Roger image on them. As far as I know, these only came in Black and Red.

jolly roger row 1


Alternative Tentacles is a San Francisco independent record label which was established in 1979. It was originally used as the label name by the Dead Kennedys. After realizing the potential for an independent label, they decided to release records for other bands as well. The original owners of were the Dead Kennedys guitarist East Bay Ray and vocalist Jello Biafra. The label is now run by Biafra, who became the sole owner in the mid-1980s.

at row 1


I know what you’re thinking. The adapter on the right is too small. Trust me, I thought the same thing…but it isn’t. They actually both properly fit a 45 record. These adapters are from Ghostly International. Ghostly International has grown from a “boutique label known for its experimental pop and techno acumen to an internationally recognized platform for the work of the world’s best visual artists, designers, technologists, and musicians.” Ghostly’s bottom line: to cater to those with open eyes and open ears.

Ghostly row 1


This is an interesting and almost creepy adapter. At first, it looks like a simple laser cut wooden adapter of an eyeball. Look closer though. The eyeball is actually a turntable which is somewhat cool. This adapter is made from 4mm plywood with engraved detail on the top face.

eyeball row 1


This is an aluminum adapter from the record label, Sabot Productions. They are located in Gainesville, FL.

sabot row 1


This is an emoticon smiley face 45 rpm vinyl record adapter. It’s made of metal and is fairly thick and is quite heavy weight as far as adapters go. I don’t know the manufacturer of this one.

smiley row 1


This is an stainless steel adapter that’s been cut to the shape of a turntable. I’m not sure who the manufacturer of this adapter is.

turntable row 1


Here’s another set of stainless steel adapters. These are made from 3mm stainless and have a natural brush effect finish.

metal row 1


This is another stainless steel adapter, this time in the shape of a fairly intricate dragon.



SideOneDummy Records was formed in 1996 is an independent record label based in Los Angeles, CA. A singer by the name of Joe Sib originally started his own label (SideOne Records) to put out 7”s of his friend’s bands. Bill Armstrong, meanwhile, had also started his own label called Dummy Records. After all was said and done, the two came together and formed SideOneDummy Records.

sideonedummy row 1


This is an adapter from Saddle Creek Records which is based in Omaha, NE. The company started as a college class project on entrepreneurship and was founded by Mike Mogis and Justin Oberst in 1993. Saddle Creek Records continues to be the flagship label of a style of music called “The Omaha Sound” which is characterized by a slight country twang.

sc row 1


This is a unique wood adapter by California Turntable. California Turntable is a specialty shop specializing in DJ gear and are located in Fullerton, California.

california turntable row 1


This is another wooden adapter, this time from the rock band Allah-Las. Allah-Las is from Los Angeles, CA and released their first record in 2011. Their records have been described as a “lost treasure dug up from the sand and polished to a perfectly faded sheen”. Kinda makes you want to hear their music, doesn’t it?

allah las row 1


This is an adapter from Redscroll Records. They are a small record store in central Connecticut that specializes in “left of center music (rock, punk, electronic, experimental, jazz…)”.

redscroll row 1


This is an adapter from Paper + Plastick Records. Paper + Plastick is an American independent record label and comic-book publisher, founded in 2008 and is based in Gainesville, Florida.

paper and plastick row 1


This is the perfect turntable adapter for all you 2nd Amendment people out there! Enough said. 🙂

bullet row 1


This is a fairly generic looking turntable adapter by LKG industries. The packaging for this adapter was also marked as Philemore-Datak/Pfanstiehl-Carter Craft.

gen row 1


This next adapter almost looks as if it wouldn’t work. It’s a very odd shape, but believe it or not, is round in all the necessary places. So yes, this does properly center a 45 record. This is labeled as Visualize.

visualize row 1


This next adapter was cut from stainless steel. It appears to be about 3mm thick. Like the one above, it is a bit of an odd shape, but definitely does properly hold and center the adapter.

45 row 1



    • Hi. I had found that on eBay. It’s been a while though so I probably can’t help you much. Sorry for the 2 year delay! A bunch of my messages got move to some random folder and I never saw this until now. Hope you found one! Bob

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