04) Modern Insertable Adapters – Others

Ever since the Black Crowes “tried” to convince Tom Hutchinson (the inventor of the “drive pins” which prevented stacked 45’s from spinning when stacked on each other) in 1995 to produce a special adapter to throw out to fans at concerts, adapters and vinyl seem to have made a bit of a comeback. The modern adapters seem to be normally used for promotional purposes, although there are some still produced just for the sake of people needing adapters. Here are some samples of modern type adapters that are not specifically tied to a band or individual artist.


This is the Motwown 50th Anniversary limited edition adapter. Motown celebrated their anniversary with some special releases and a limited number of 45 records that came with this special adapter.

motown row 1


These next adapters appear to have been made out of cardboard or at least some type of paper product. They came in various colors and have 7 on one side and 45 on the other. I’m guessing, but I can only assume that the 7 stands for 7″ records while the 45 representing the speed. In looking at these, I doubt they work very well.

7 45 row 1


This a an adapter from Festival International. Festival International de Louisiane is a community-based, non-profit arts organization that provides a FREE music and arts event celebrating the French cultural heritage of south Louisiana – primarily a combination of French, African, Caribbean, and Hispanic influences. They celebrate their annual festival the full weekend in April.

festivalinternational row 1


Discogs is short for discographies. It is basically a website of information about audio recordings, including commercial releases, promotional releases, and bootleg or off-label releases…pretty much everything. The site was founded by Kevin Lewandowski in 2000. His aim was to catalog his favorite genre, electronic music. With the rise in the popularity of vinyl records, the site grew and expanded to other genres. The site currently contains over 6 million releases and is still growing. It’s also a great place to purchase basically any release from sellers on the site.

discogs row 1


Although this adapter looks more like a turntable adapter, it fits nicely in a 45. Joyful Noise are purveyors of interesting media for a variety of artistically-honest, exploratory and often haphazard musicians. They’re not your standard noise or experimental label; nor are they interested in typical indie rock. They do however love when these two sides of the spectrum intersect in interesting ways. They gravitate towards artists who, in one way or another, bridge this gap between pop and noise.

joyful noise row 1


No, this is not a joke. I guess there’s “cheap”…then there’s “CHEAP”. This was an actual adapter that came with a 2010 7″ record from the film, Crushface. This has to be the most unique purchase I’ve made. Each 45 record comes with a Desert Storm trading card, this cardboard insert w/ three holes which allows the user multi-axial play, a picture of a tire, a double sided page of credits and a 5″x2″ slip of paper that numbers the record (out of 500) and states: “USE STANDARD 45 RPM FOR ‘NORMAL’ PLAY. FOR THE ‘WARP MIX’, USE THE SPECIAL CARDBOARD ADAPTER.”. This record is very similar to NON’s Pagan Muzak from 1978 which I describe in the All About The Records section since it can be played on or off-center. I can only assume that the cost to produce an insert with three holes was costly at the time so they came up with their own. The record is full of cans opening, creepy humming, guitars, banjos, chimes, maybe vacuums, children’s toys, synths, and who knows what else, all layered on top of percussion which seems to be the only binding element throughout the record. So bottom line…you had the option of playing the record with a normal 45 record adapter, or use this adapter and play a “slightly creepy” version of it…and then pretty much count on nightmares. COOL!

crushface row 1


This is the UGHH Tiger 45 Adapter. UGHH stands for Underground Hip Hop. It is a Boston based company that was formed in 1997. It is known as the “one-stop shop for underground hip hop entertainment, community, and product.”

aghh row 1


This is an adapter from Windian Records. Windian is headquartered in Washington DC and was started in July 2008 by founder Travis Jackson. I was intrigued by how Travis came up with the name, Windian. He’s an eighth native and his heritage and the history of it all are very important to him. His grandmother was half and would always tell him stories about the tribe in North Carolina. He would tell people about it all and they would say things like “You’re not Native American” and he would always proudly respond with “Yeah, I’m a little bit.” His friends would also say things like “You’re a white Indian” and he would respond “Yea, a Windian.”…and Windian Records was born.

windian row 1


These next adapters, although new, have a great old school feel to them and are similar to the old Duotone adapters. They are made by Factoryroad, located in the UK. Factoryroad comes from a background of pirate (free) radio, music and art, and for many years collected these curious and somehow never-out-of-favour iconic plastic shapes. They’re odd, but they’re a shape strangely recognized the world over, by all ages. After months of meeting demand for these little record adapters by supplying boring new/old stock of flimsy yellow ones, they decided to make their own. They now offer more and more colors, including ‘glow-in-the-dark’! Check these guys out. This is a very small sample of the many colors they have to choose from.

FR row 1
FR row 2


I was told that this was a prototype adapter that was originally created by Factoryroad (the adapters above). From what I was told, they decided not to go with this, but I’m happy they had an extra one for me to share. It’s a very basic adapter, but has a little story behind it which makes it all the better.

flat basic row 1

This is another test adapter from Factoryroad. I’m told that at one point they tested this chrome adapter but didn’t put it into production. It’s really hard to photograph chrome, so although the picture and lighting makes the adapter looks like it has more depth than it actually has, you get the idea.

chrome row 1


These two adapters are from the Automatic Music Company located in Hobart, Tasmania (which is an island state, part of the Commonwealth of Australia). From what I’ve learned, they specialize in jukeboxes. It appears that these are modern adapters that have been manufactured for use in their jukeboxes. I’ve seen this same adapter in a wide range of colors.

Automatic Row 1


This adapter is from Indiecan Records. They an independent record label based in Toronto and are dedicated to Amazing Canadian Indie artists! Thanks Avi for being so helpful!

indiecan row 1


Pirates Press Records is a label has always been driven by a love for music and vinyl, a desire to combine the two, and to make records. After making literally millions of records for other people, the Pirates found it a natural progression to put a few out for themselves, highlighting the music, bands, and projects that they as a company choose to support and reinvest their money in!

pirates press row 1b


As I’m sure you figured out by now, these adapters come from Das Automat which is located in Melbourne, Australia. I’m not exactly sure how this company is set up, but it appears that there’s three divisions; Das Record Automat, Das T-Shirt Automat and Das Laser Automat. For purposes of this website, we’ll limit this to Das Record Automat. They advertise that they cut any sound file onto a 7″, 10″ or 12″ vinyl record, and also print turntable slipmats. In my conversations with them, they sound like great people…plus they put out an adapter which always makes me happy!

dasautomat row 1


The Drift Record Shop is an independent Record Shop located in the town of Totnes, England. Although I’ve never been there, it looks like this shop has wonderful atmosphere. They pride themselves on having “fun”, which is never a bad thing. If you’re ever in the area, you definitely have to check these guys out.

drift row 1
drift row 2


This is a glow in the dark adapter that came with the storybook, Tinselsnakes. It features B.Dolan & Buddy Peace and illustrated by Sarah J. Coleman, also known as Inkymole…thus the Inky Mole branding on the adapter. I don’t know much about this illustrator, but in reading about her, she seems to have an absolutely wonderful outlook on life and from what I can see, is waaay talented.

inkymole row 1


The LA based Cold Busted record label was started in 2008 by Derrick Daisey who was formerly known as DJ Vitamin D. They state that their “label’s appeal is its mix of indie artistic ethos with its muscular business reach with respect to marketing and distribution.”

cold busted row 1


Emotional Response is a record label started by Jen Turrell and Stewart Anderson out of Flagstaff, AZ. Jen started Red Square Recordings in 2000 and Stewart has been deeply involved in the underground indie scene. Red and black are the only two colors that I’ve seen these adapters in.

er row 1


This is the adapter that came with the Record Store Day release from the group Thou. The 7″ record title was Only You Deserve Conceit. Sisters in Christ is a New Orleans record shoppe carrying a wide variety of contemporary punk, indie, hardcore, metal, etc. They only sell vinyl and cassettes so works for us!

sisters in christ row 1


This was a promotional item and part of the “Wolfenstein The New Order” video game. I’m told that this was a give-away item at the release party.

wolfenstein row 1


This is an adapter from the label Hidden Volume Records out of Baltimore, Maryland. They specialize in releasing limited edition music from some of the best garage rock/punk, surf and psych rock from all around the globe. Their tag line is “The NOW sound of NOW!”. What I like about them is that they seem to add little bonus item with most releases. This really adds a nice touch to the release and really makes you feel like you’re getting more than your money’s worth. I’ve seen everything from record adapters to coasters to patches. Free stuff! Love these guys!

hidden volume row 1


This is a fun glow-in-the-dark adapter from 45rpmrecordadapters.

glow row 1


This is an adapter from Yep Roc Records, an indie record label. Yep Roc was founded in 1997 and is located in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Yep Roc calls itself “the artist-driven label that refuses to be labeled.” I like their passion (and their love for vinyl), so I included their adapters here.

Yep Roc row 1


This adapter came with a record that I had purchased online. I don’t know for a fact, but I believe it was just an adapter that was customized with a brand name for someone selling records online. I say this because all the records this particular person was selling had this adapter in it.

funky chicken row 1


Replay Records is a wholly owned family business from Geelong, Australia that has been in business since 1989. They specialize in new and used records, CDs, cassettes, DVD, Videos, Rare items, collectables and memorabilia.

geelong row 1


I don’t this these next two were anything other than someone trying to create an adapter with a salute to Route 66. I don’t believe that these were tied to any event or organization.

These are two metal adapters which were made for the Krewe of Carrollton. One is gold and the other black. The Krewe of Carrollton is a New Orleans parading group that was formed in 1924. The parade rolls nine days before Fat Tuesday during the first full weekend of Mardi Gras. These two adapters were made for the 2017 parade which had a music theme. They were not originally available on Krewe’s order form (for people to purchase parade throws). Because of that, it’s very difficult to know exactly how many of these were made/distributed.